Soffits & Fascia

Maintenance-Free Soffits and Fascia

Exterior SOFFITS (eaves) are the underside of any construction element of a building where the rafters extend beyond the exterior walls. Many homes may have a soffit vent, or vented soffits, which allow for airflow through the attic rafters and up through roof vents. This ventilation helps evaporate moisture that’s inside the home’s attic spaces.

Exterior FASCIA board covers the end of roof rafters outside a building, and are often used to hold the rain gutter.

Fascia and Soffits are susceptible to rot if they are continually exposed to moisture, so homeowners should check regularly for worn shingles or damaged gutters. Ice dams, caused by water accumulation behind blocks of ice or snow on a roof or in rain gutters, can also cause problems to the roofing structure and siding as well.

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